A question we get from a lot of our beloved consumers but answering this is not a one size fits all solution. There are parameters which one should consider and here they are:

1. Type of belt mechanism- we have a chain belt mechanism and a magnetic belt mechanism in bikes.

Difference between Chain belt and Magnetic belt :

1. Chain belt- less smoother , cheaper in price and requires more maintenance.
Magnetic belt-smoother, better for the knees, more expensive in price and requires less maintenance.

2. Correct flywheel size- flywheel is attached close to the pedals at the back or rear end of a bike. The bigger the flywheel , the smoother the operation and ability of the machine to take in more speedy cycling. For someone just starting out upto a 4kg flywheel should do. For intermediates upto a 6 kg one and for professionals above 8kg.

3. Type of operation- Bikes come in 3 types namely group cycling, recumbent (with a back seat attached) or a general exercise bike. This depends on your requirement and We recommend you consult your doctor incase you have existing knee or lower back issues

Other factors come in to the buying decision such as features, user weight, price and space that will vary from model to model but these 3(flywheel, belt and type required) should help you narrow down on what you need the most.