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    CET-80 E Elliptical

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    CET-69ES Elliptical

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    CET-52ES Elliptical

    Rs. 21,800.00Rs. 19,620.00

    CET 240ES Elliptical

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    CET-85 E Elliptical

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    CET- Wave-850 E Elliptical

    Rs. 54,800.00Rs. 49,320.00

    CHG 200C Home Gym

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    CET-WAVE-850 ES

    Rs. 53,900.00Rs. 48,510.00

    CHG 180C Home Gym

    Rs. 56,990.00Rs. 51,291.00

    CET-E8S Elliptical

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    CET- 77ES Elliptical

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    Rs. 204,800.00Rs. 184,320.00

    A cross trainer also known as an elliptical trainer, elliptical cross trainer or X-trainer is a full-body workout machine that you can find in your stylishly “stocked” gym. Two pedals and two long grips are present on this stationary cardio machine. ​​You may simulate the motions of walking, running, and even ascending stairs on an elliptical cross trainer exercise machine to get a full-body workout. To assist you in working both your upper and lower body, get cross trainers online. To purchase a cross trainer online in India, one must look at different aspects of an elliptical cross trainer. They might require to be hooked into a power source or they might be self-powered by movement created by the user. They can be a 4 in 1 elliptical cross trainer or a 6 in 1 elliptical cross trainer. In simpler words, cross trainer exercise equipment can help you stay in shape by providing your body with different kinds of workouts, all without having to spend on different machines. With cross trainer bikes for sale you can start your fitness journey from the comfort of your home.

    Types of Cross Trainers:

    Cross trainers come in many types. You can select any of them, depending on your fitness goals and activity requirements:

    Magnetic Cross Trainer :

    To adjust the resistance on a magnetic cross trainer machine to the pace and intensity of your workout, you must physically crank a knob or lever. Magnetic elliptical cross trainers offer a smooth flow to your workouts for both upper & lower body.

    Electromagnetic Cross Trainer :

    Electromagnetic cross trainer machines work on an electromagnetic field that helps control and maintain the resistance level, allowing you to change it with a click of a button.

    Rear-Drive, Front-Drive, Centre-Drive Cross Trainers :

    These cross trainers differ in their flywheel positioning. The flywheel of a rear-drive elliptical cross trainer is located at the back of the machine. A front-drive cross trainer machine has a front flywheel, while a center-drive elliptical cross trainer has a central flywheel.

    Incline Cross Trainer :

    When using an incline elliptical cross trainer, you can work on multiple muscle areas at once.

    Variable Stride-Length Cross Trainer:

    This variable stride-length cross trainer machine gives you the option of choosing between walking and running.

    Belt Drive Elliptical Trainer:

    The belt drive elliptical trainer is also used to achieve resistance, similar to the electromagnetic cross trainer. However, the likelihood of wearing out is substantially higher, and the electromagnetic cross trainer has weaker braking or acceleration power. They are therefore a less expensive option.

    Fan Elliptical Trainer:

    The flywheel employed by regular elliptical trainers is replaced by a fan in the fan elliptical trainer. It employs natural air resistance, which is less effective than the flywheel's mechanical resistance system. Additionally, it offers a constrained range of resistance. As a result, you should choose one of the other variations that uses a flywheel if your budget is not really tight.

    Ergometer Cross Trainer:

    The ergometer cross trainer offers the option to change the resistance the machine exerts, just like the electromagnetic cross trainer. Additionally, it offers a constrained range of resistance. As a result, you should choose one of the other variations that uses a flywheel if your budget is not really tight. Buying a less expensive substitute makes more sense if you don't need precise measurements.

    Commercial Cross Trainers:

    Commercial cross trainers offer more entertainment and exercise alternatives, as well as superior durability that is made to handle rigorous everyday use. A commercial elliptical cross trainer allows for a great low impact exercise.

    Elliptical / Cross Trainers for Home

    Although there are several fitness equipments that you can use at home, not everything allows you to exercise your entire body like a small home cross trainer.For instance, after utilising a treadmill, you might need to utilise weights or find another way to work out your upper body. Or your lower body might not get enough exercise if you solely use weights. An elliptical / cross trainer for home use solves this problem by ensuring that you only need one piece of equipment that works the entire body. Spending enough time with different resistance levels can guarantee you get a thorough workout in the comfort of your own home. A lightweight cross trainer is preferable as it is portable and easy to shift. Portable cross trainers are easy to assemble as they can be shifted from place to place as per requirements.

    Elliptical / Cross Trainers for Gym

    A good quality cross trainer is a widely used exercise equipment in many gyms as well. This equipment is useful because it simultaneously works the muscles in the body and involves both the arm and the leg in action. A commercial cross trainer machine is preferred by many as it burns a lot of calories, fat and improves your body balance. It works the upper and lower bodies simultaneously, giving the body a complete exercise. The calf, thigh, glutes, and arm muscles are strengthened by using an elliptical or cross trainer at the gym, which focuses more on resistance than speed.

    These trainers are widely utilised in cardio-focused exercises because they don't take a lot of time to get used to. We have something for all levels of fitness in our great range of cross trainers, be it an elliptical / cross trainer for home or gym use. We have something for everyone because the features of our numerous models range from handlebars to several console applications.

    If you're looking for an effective and efficient workout, consider trying out our range of cross trainers, which includes cardio cross trainers, multi gym cross trainers, and outdoor gym cross trainers.

    Full Body Elliptical / Cross Trainer

    Unlike most fitness equipment, the full-body elliptical/cross trainer works on the body entirely, thus helping you burn more calories. You start at the top by holding the handles and pedal with your legs. This movement makes the entire body work, such as the arms, chest, and shoulders.

    When you pedal with your legs, you are first and foremost exercising your knees when it comes to the lower half. In order to work your glutes, pedal the opposite way. By adjusting the resistance on the machine, you can increase the strain on your legs. The best part is when you push harder with your legs, your arms adapt. A multi-functional cross trainer is beneficial in many aspects as it empowers an overall development of your health and fitness.

    Elliptical / Cross Trainers for Weight Loss

    Elliptical machines are great for weight loss. When you pair it with healthy eating, it sure does bring a joyful feeling. Many times, people compare it with treadmills when it comes to weight loss and burning calories. However, what you need to consider here is that, As opposed to the treadmill, the elliptical trainer works the entire body. Cross trainer for weight loss gives the illusion that lesser work is being done than on a treadmill, as several muscles are being worked simultaneously. This makes it a full body cross trainer.

    High Quality Elliptical /Cross Trainer

    A High Quality elliptical/cross trainer is fitness equipment with the ideal overall design. It offers excellent workmanship and uses first-class materials in order to guarantee long-term use. In addition, a good-quality elliptical cross trainer provides a gentle movement and keeps up with your training progress thanks to their wide range of performance.

    Cosco supplies top quality elliptical / cross trainers at affordable rates to complete your commercial or home / gym setup. With our exceptional gym setup services and dedicated client assistance, we are the top elliptical and cross trainer retailers in India. We offer a wide variety of seated elliptical cross trainer, outdoor elliptical cross trainer & motorized elliptical cross trainer.

    Online price in India

    The online price of Cosco elliptical cross trainers in India can vary depending on the specific model and features. Cosco is a well-known brand in the fitness industry and offers a range of top rated cross trainers suitable for various fitness levels and goals. On popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart, you can find the best inexpensive cross trainers starting from around 20,000 rupees and going up to 2,30,000 rupees for more advanced models. Some of the features offered by Cosco elliptical cross trainers include LCD displays, adjustable resistance levels, and heart rate monitors. Cosco also has 2 in 1 elliptical cross trainer.

    Additionally, online retailers often offer discounts and deals, so it's always a good idea to compare prices and read reviews before making a purchase. Overall, Cosco elliptical cross trainers are a great option for those looking for a high-quality and reliable piece of fitness equipment for their home gym.

    Shopping Elliptical / Cross Trainers Online in India

    Choosing the best inexpensive elliptical / cross trainers can be difficult & time-consuming. Keep in mind your specific wants & personal fitness goals when looking for elliptical / cross trainers online. With our reputation as one of the most trusted online elliptical / cross trainer suppliers in India, you can be rest assured that you’ll receive high-quality elliptical / cross trainer at reasonable prices. You can explore our new cross trainers for sale with the latest technology. You can order elliptical / cross trainers through our online shopping platform here. So, if you're looking to buy an elliptical trainer online, explore our range of elliptical cross trainers for sale and place your order today. We'll deliver your purchase straight to your doorstep, wherever you are in India, making elliptical trainer online shopping convenient and hassle-free.

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