A question We get from a lot of our beloved consumers but answering this is not a one size fits all solution. There are parameters which one should consider and here they are:

1. Workout duration - For a workout duration of upto 45 mins we reccomend a Dc motor treadmill then a 10 mins break and for 1 hr straight Ac motor then a 10 mins break.

Difference between Dc and Ac motor:

1. Dc motor(direct current motor)-no noise, cheaper in price and requires more maintenance. Ac motor( alternative current motor)- noisier, more expensive in price and requires less maintenance.

2. Correct motor horse power according to running speeds For speeds upto 0-20 kmph- 2hp.For speeds upto 0-25kmph-3hp.For speeds upto 0-30kmph-4 hp.For speeds between 0-35kmph-5hp (you’re usain bolt if you run that fast)

Other factors come in to the buying decision such as features, user weight,price and space will vary from model to model but these 2 (usage and requirement) should help you narrow down on what you need the most.