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    CEB-240 R Recumbent Bike

    Rs. 25,300.00Rs. 21,505.00

    CEB-70 R Recumbent Bike

    Rs. 29,700.00Rs. 25,245.00

    CEB-R8M Recumbent Bike

    Rs. 45,100.00Rs. 40,590.00

    CEB 60U Upright Bike

    Rs. 19,100.00Rs. 17,190.00

    CGC 60 Group Cycling Bike

    Rs. 37,200.00Rs. 33,480.00

    CNB7.0R-AT Recumbent Bike

    Rs. 120,800.00Rs. 108,720.00

    CEB 240 U Upright Bike

    Rs. 20,900.00Rs. 18,810.00

    Revo 220 Group Cycling Bike

    Rs. 65,800.00Rs. 59,220.00

    170U Upright Bike

    Rs. 61,400.00Rs. 55,260.00

    CEB 610 B Upright Bike

    Rs. 14,700.00Rs. 13,230.00

    CEB 20U Upright Bike

    Rs. 15,600.00Rs. 14,040.00

    CEB 50U Upright Bike

    Rs. 17,400.00Rs. 15,660.00

    Common FAQ's about the Exercise

    What exercise bike should I buy?

    Cardiovascular training can be a fun and exciting way to get your body moving while exercising. But, every now and then, nothing beats the great indoors. An exercise bike can meet both of these requirements, allowing you to get a good workout in the comfort of your own home. Exercise bikes are classified into three types: upright, recumbent, and indoor cycling. Each provides a variety of benefits and training perks to help you achieve your goals. Choosing the right style for you should be your first step in getting the most out of your next workout. Other factors come into the buying decision such as features, user weight, price, and space that will vary from model to model but these 3(flywheel, belt, and type required) should help you narrow down on what you need the most.

    What exercise bike is best for weight loss?

    Exercise bikes are good for weight loss because they are an efficient and effective way to burn calories, and cycling is a cardiovascular aerobic activity that has added benefits such as strengthening your heart, lungs, and muscle. Diet and sleep will be the other essential factors. We recommend a weight loss equipped with a high-intensity workout for burning maximum calories.

    Which exercise bike is best for lower back pain?

    Recumbent exercise bikes are the best bike for people with lower back pain or degenerative disc disease because they have a backrest that provides more support than an upright bike. In addition, stationary bikes provide a great aerobic workout and strengthen the lower body with little to no impact. Disclaimer- please consult your doctor before taking this call.

    Will exercise bike help lose belly fat?

    Yes, cycling bikes can help you lose belly fat, but it will take time. According to a recent study, regular cycling may improve overall fat loss and promote a healthy weight. In addition, moderate-intensity aerobic exercises on cycling bikes are practical for reducing overall belly girth. Fat will be lost according to body composition, and with a good diet, exercise and sleep, all results shall be achieved

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