Buy Home & Gym Treadmill Online in India

    AC 600 Treadmill

    Rs. 109,800.00Rs. 98,820.00

    AC 450 Treadmill

    Rs. 96,600.00Rs. 82,110.00

    K 55 Treadmill

    Rs. 98,800.00Rs. 83,980.00

    RUN 2.0 Treadmill

    Rs. 72,400.00Rs. 65,160.00

    X-Tra 875

    Rs. 132,000.00Rs. 118,800.00

    K 33 Treadmill

    Rs. 72,400.00Rs. 65,160.00

    K 22 Treadmill

    Rs. 59,200.00Rs. 53,280.00

    RUN 1.5 Treadmill

    Rs. 59,200.00Rs. 50,320.00

    C-5ST Treadmill

    Rs. 343,000.00Rs. 299,999.00

    Crusade-II Curved Treadmill

    Rs. 247,000.00Rs. 209,950.00

    CX-5T Treadmill

    Rs. 230,000.00Rs. 195,500.00

    AC 800 Treadmill

    Rs. 180,000.00Rs. 162,000.00

    Common FAQ's about the Treadmills

    Which type of treadmill is best?

    Having a Cosco treadmill at home benefits you to exercise without having to venture out into the polluted air. Buy Cosco treadmills such as k55, ac 600, hulk 5000, and cx5T that are the best ones for home & gym. Our Cosco Treadmills are Sturdy, Reliable, and made with high-grade steel to ensure durability. Furthermore, our treadmills have various speeds and inclination settings that will sufficiently fit your running machine needs.

    How to use a treadmill step by step?

    Make sure you follow our Step-by-Step Treadmill Guide and Do it patiently!
    Your Safety First is our Priority. Our Cosco treadmills include a safety feature that automatically stops the treadmill when activated. It's generally located somewhere right below the screen.

    How to start a treadmill at home or gym?

    1. Plug Treadmill Power Cord into the Power Socket
    2. Warm up your joints and muscles by walking before running on the treadmill
    3. Build up your speed gradually on treadmills when running.
    4. Vary the speed and Distance training days will help keep heart health, Weight Loss, Muscle Building, Mental Health and Motivation in check.
    5. If you have any health condition, Please consult your doctor before starting any new treadmill routines.

    How to use the treadmill at home?

    1. Firstly, Shen, you start using the treadmill at home or gym, your primary focus should be on keeping straight back or leaning slightly forward.
    2. Now, Start walking at a speed between 4 and 6 km/hr, which is right for you to familiarize yourself with the mat, then gradually increase the treadmill speed.
    3. The Safety button provided is vital if you've got an emergency or unexpectedly want to get off. Hit the safety button & the treadmill will gradually slow down.

    How to run properly on a treadmill for beginners?

    Our Beginner's Guideline to Run on a Treadmill for Exercise:

    1. Beginners should start Gradually on Treadmill.
    2. You can change your speed from low to high on a treadmill.
    3. Using a Treadmill also depends entirely on your workout goal and condition of injuries with age.
    4. We do recommend a balance between sprinting and walking.
    5. Walking or Jogging on the Treadmill lets beginners maintain strong bones and muscular levels and control blood pressure.

    Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor if you have any leg injuries or health conditions

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