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    K 55 2.5 HP DC Motor Multi Function Treadmill

    Rs. 96,600.00Rs. 86,940.00

    Cosco Run 2.0 (1.5 HP DC Motor) Running Treamilll

    Rs. 72,400.00Rs. 65,160.00

    Cosco AC 450 (1.25 HP AC Motor ) FoldableTreadmill

    Rs. 98,800.00Rs. 88,920.00

    GO 2.0 Treadmill

    Rs. 45,990.00Rs. 41,391.00

    X-Tra 875 Low Noise 3.0 HP DC Motor Running Treadmill

    Rs. 131,800.00Rs. 118,620.00

    K 22 Treadmill

    Rs. 57,000.00Rs. 51,300.00

    C-5ST Treadmill with 4 HP AC Motor & Auto Incline Upto 20%

    Rs. 305,800.00Rs. 266,046.00

    GO 1.0 Treadmill

    Rs. 38,600.00Rs. 34,740.00

    It is a good idea to jog everyday to stay fit however, it’s not feasible to step out or hit the gym everyday. A treadmill or running machine thus comes in handy if you are looking to workout indoors and cut out those extra commute & pollution. Having a treadmill at home means any time or during your free time, you can do workouts. You don’t have to worry about the weather outside or wait for your chance to be on the gym treadmill. Plus, the whole family can use it & there's no need to pay for those expensive gym memberships. Wherefore a treadmill is undeniably the most popular running machine for home use.

    A treadmill is also a great tool for completing structured workouts as it creates a controlled environment. But, before you dive into investing in a home fitness treadmill machine, you should evaluate a few vital factors such as their weight capacity, and the dimensions of the device & then cross-check it with the space to store them in your home.

    Searching for a treadmill for home use or a treadmill for gym use is therefore a complex task, given the multiple requirements & features you might have to bear in mind while zeroing down on your desired treadmill. At Cosco, we aim to make this dreadful task easier. 

    You’ll be surprised that at Cosco we have an assorted range of treadmills that comes with present-day features such as; shock absorbers, mp3, USB, auto incline features & more. With features such as these, you’ll never find an excuse to avoid exercise again. Even a tall person can easily find a treadmill with us that suits his stride length & so can anyone with the modern requirement. We thus aim to cover everyone’s needs without compromising on the treadmill quality.

    Types of Treadmills to Choose From:

    Every treadmill has its uniqueness that suits a person or a set of people. So it's important to understand which treadmill would be best suited when it comes to your individual or home requirements. But, how do you identify a treadmill that suits you, especially if you want to order treadmill online? While some treadmill features may cater to your need, you must look for their quality, offerings and the treadmill online prices. Here we mention some of the best treadmills types in India to help get you back on track for 2023

    Manual Treadmills

    Manual treadmills, as the name suggests are supposed to be used manually with self-power. It doesn’t have a motor, which means you save a lot of electricity. Manual treadmills are small in size & their running surface is narrower than the electric treadmills. This running machine type is also ideal for those who are looking for low-priced treadmills. If you are intending to buy manual treadmills online, you can leaf through some of our selection of manual treadmills here.

    Curved Treadmills

    Curved treadmills are manual running machines that have no motor & need no electricity. Because they have no motorized parts, curved treadmills are low-maintenance running machines. Besides, their non-motorized belts are much more durable than traditional treadmill belts. If you are intending to buy curved treadmills online, you can leaf through some of our selection of curved treadmills here.

    Motorized Treadmills

    Motorized treadmills are contemporary treadmills that come with modern-day features, such as electric buttons, consoles, and screens and are even compatible with fitness apps. They are equipped with features that are second to none. Their prominent feature is that they let you adjust the speed based on your workout routine. Many motorised treadmills also have a feature that lets you adjust the incline of the surface you want to walk or run on. If you are looking to buy motorized treadmills online, you can leaf through some of our selection of motorized treadmills here

    Direct Current Driven Motors (DC Motors Treadmills)

    DC motors or Direct Current-Driven motors are most commonly found in treadmills built for home use. These motors convert direct electrical energy into mechanical energy. They are built with fewer internal parts & tend to run quieter compared to AC motors. If you are intending to buy dc motor treadmills online, you can leaf through our selection of 2 hp dc motor, 3 hp dc motor, 4 hp dc motor, permanent magnet dc motor & dc motorized high power treadmills for home or gym use here

    Alternate Current Motors (AC Motors Treadmills)

    AC motors or Alternative Current motors are more commonly found in commercial treadmills. These motors are electrical motors that produce mechanical energy by using alternative current combined with magnetism. For those of you who are intending to buy ac motor treadmills online, you can leaf through our selection of 2 hp ac motor, 3 hp ac motor, and 4 hp ac motor treadmills for home or gym use here

    Commercial Treadmills

    Commercial treadmills are pretty heavy ones and are widely used in gyms, fitness centers, aerobic centers, power yoga centers, physiotherapy centers etc. They are not easily movable, making them irrelevant for people who want a foldable treadmill for home. However, commercial treadmills are the best treadmill choice for those who love to have intense workouts. Designed for heavy usage, commercial treadmills are designed to last a lifetime & come with good warranties. Even under the most intense use, these treadmills would last for years. For those of you who are interested to buy commercial treadmills online, you can leaf through some of our selection of commercial treadmills here.

    Heavy Duty Commercial Treadmills

    Heavy people looking for commercial treadmills should ideally look for high-capacity or heavy-duty commercial treadmills as they need more sturdy treadmills for home or gym use. These heavy-duty treadmills are considerably larger than the traditional treadmills & and are typically built to bear more weight capacity. They usually contain two motors, one for the belt and the other one for the inclined floor. If you are intending to buy heavy duty commercial treadmills online, you can leaf through some of our selection of heavy-duty treadmills here.

    Foldable Treadmill 

    Foldable treadmills refer to the treadmill that can be folded & unfolded. They are best suited for those who have space constraints & want a practical device that’s easy to store. A foldable treadmill is also a viable option for those who do not seek hard workouts but still want to keep their fitness regime upright. A regular treadmill for home would measure roughly 7 feet long & 3 feet wide. If you have the space for a running machine of that size, then go for the traditional treadmill. If not, folding treadmills would be your best bet. If you are looking to buy foldable treadmills online, you can leaf through some of our selection of foldable treadmills here.

    How To Choose A Treadmill Motor:

    • 1 - 1.5 hp motor is recommended for general home users.
    • 2 hp motor is recommended for professionals.
    • 2.5 - 3 hp motor is recommended for athletes

    Treadmill Online Price in India

    Treadmills don’t come cheap; the average treadmill price in India usually varies according to the treadmill type, its functionality, auxiliary features & the amount of weight it can withstand. Thus, you can generally observe that the treadmill cost in India varies anywhere between Rs.15,000 to Rs.3 lakhs.

    Although at our online shop here, you will find high-quality treadmills in every price range, most of our treadmills are offered at considerably reasonable rates. All our treadmills for sale are packed with distinct features depending on the model you choose & have the desired advanced components that make our treadmills the best in India.

    Our assortment consists of high-quality treadmills for home use, gym use & professional use. Purchasing a running treadmill online at Cosco is also pretty easy. Just place your order in your shopping cart, fill out your contact details & your order will reach you as soon as possible.

    Shop Treadmill Online - Treadmill Online Store in India

    While there are multiple websites on the internet to buy treadmills online, Cosco stands apart. You can simply do treadmill online shopping on our website by searching as per the requirement filters or the offers that are best suited to your pocket. Our treadmill online store focuses on giving our customers a hassle-free purchasing experience & top-class products.

    Besides, we also aim to cover everything you need to know about our treadmills before you buy them. These include the key specifications of each treadmill from the motor to the workout options, their pricing & beyond. If you’re looking for a specific type of treadmill, like the best model or the most budget-friendly treadmill, you’ll appreciate our top picks in each treadmill type category that’ll help further streamline your search.

    Most of our treadmills have got 4.5-star ratings & good reviews for their quality & our service. If you want to invest in one of our treadmills you can browse & choose from our wide options of manual treadmills, foldable treadmills, motorized treadmills, automatic treadmills, commercial treadmills, AC motors treadmills, DC motors treadmills available.

    If you aren't sure about choosing the right treadmill machine online for your fitness goals, you can always reach out to our experts at +91-9654136136 for a free consultation. Our experts will give you suggestions based on your required specifications, frequency of use and budget.

    Common FAQ's about the Treadmills

    Which type of treadmill is best?

    Having a Cosco treadmill at home benefits you to exercise without having to venture out into the polluted air. Buy Cosco treadmills such as k55, ac 600, hulk 5000, and cx5T that are the best ones for home & gym. Our Cosco Treadmills are Sturdy, Reliable, and made with high-grade steel to ensure durability. Furthermore, our treadmills have various speeds and inclination settings that will sufficiently fit your running machine needs.

    How to use a treadmill step by step?

    Make sure you follow our Step-by-Step Treadmill Guide and Do it patiently!
    Your Safety First is our Priority. Our Cosco treadmills include a safety feature that automatically stops the treadmill when activated. It's generally located somewhere right below the screen.

    How to start a treadmill at home or gym?

    1. Plug Treadmill Power Cord into the Power Socket
    2. Warm up your joints and muscles by walking before running on the treadmill
    3. Build up your speed gradually on treadmills when running.
    4. Vary the speed and Distance training days will help keep heart health, Weight Loss, Muscle Building, Mental Health and Motivation in check.
    5. If you have any health condition, Please consult your doctor before starting any new treadmill routines.

    How to use the treadmill at home?

    1. Firstly, Shen, you start using the treadmill at home or gym, your primary focus should be on keeping straight back or leaning slightly forward.
    2. Now, Start walking at a speed between 4 and 6 km/hr, which is right for you to familiarize yourself with the mat, then gradually increase the treadmill speed.
    3. The Safety button provided is vital if you've got an emergency or unexpectedly want to get off. Hit the safety button & the treadmill will gradually slow down.

    How to run properly on a treadmill for beginners?

    Our Beginner's Guideline to Run on a Treadmill for Exercise:

    1. Beginners should start Gradually on Treadmill.
    2. You can change your speed from low to high on a treadmill.
    3. Using a Treadmill also depends entirely on your workout goal and condition of injuries with age.
    4. We do recommend a balance between sprinting and walking.
    5. Walking or Jogging on the Treadmill lets beginners maintain strong bones and muscular levels and control blood pressure.

    Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor if you have any leg injuries or health conditions

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