How to Use a Treadmill Step by Step?

What is a Treadmill Machine?

The treadmill is a prominent feature of home fitness equipment because it delivers a simple, effective cardiovascular workout. Running Treadmills are an excellent option for many people to start a new training routine. Regardless of fitness level or back health, most people tolerate walking well. As your strength and endurance develop, you may use the treadmill for jogging and interval training. Treadmill usage in the correct way is vital for better results and avoiding major accidents.

Here is a Step-by-Step Guide for Treadmill Usage:

  1. Check whether the belt is motionless and the safety clip secured to the treadmill before stepping onto it.
  2. Step onto the treadmill by placing your feet on the frame on the belt's sides and holding the handrail.
  3. Start the treadmill by pressing the quick-start button or choosing a program. When you step on the belt, be sure the pace is one you can comfortably sustain. If you are unsure, start with walking speed.
  4. Begin and end each workout with a five-minute warm-up and cool-down, and increase if necessary.
  5. Once you're moving, take your hands off the rails and accelerate slowly to your chosen speed.
  6. Place your hands on the rail and your feet on the frame on the belt's sides. To bring the belt to a halt, use the stop button.

Our Basic Beginner’s Guide for Using a Treadmill:

  1. Warm-up by doing leg stretches and curls, then proceed to the next stage.
  2. According to your capacity, set the speed of a treadmill between 3 or 5km/hr.
  3. If you're feeling confident, progressively increase the pace to burn more calories.
  4. If you wish to run, remember to lengthen your stride as you have gotten closer to the front of the mat and set the speed on your pace rather than the reverse.

When working out on a treadmill for the first time, always start with fewer minutes, which may cause pain later on. After that, increase your speed relatively.

Here are a few workout sessions that can benefit beginners in using a treadmill -

  1. Begin by doing a 5-minute warm-up of easy jogging or brisk walking at a 1% incline.
  2. Increase the inclination to 2% and go for a 1-minute walk.
  3. Reduce the inclination to 1% and run for one minute at a moderate speed.
  4. Increase the inclination to 3% and do a 2-minute walk.

For more accurate results, always have a water bottle and yoga mat handy. Also, never glance at a phone while running or jogging because this might cause injury. To avoid blisters, always wear thick socks. Keep a watch on your pulse rate.


Treadmills are best to use when operated with proper care and guidance. Always consult your fitness coach before starting any treadmill session or watch youtube tutorials.