Treadmills are one of the most popular gym equipment for cardio. It has helped tons of people to enhance their fitness levels. Treadmills come in 2 basic types i.e Motorized and Manual Treadmills. Here are a few pros and cons for selecting the perfectequipment as per your preferences.

What is a Motorized Treadmill?

Motorized treadmills allow a person to set the pace of their workout. As the treadmill motor moves the belt at the pace is set up electronically. This type of treadmill usually comes withmuch more workout features like a heart monitor which makes your workout sessions interesting.

How does a Motorized Treadmill benefit you?

1. In the motorized treadmill, the belt is moved by the motor. The user no longer needs to strain on the legs, feet, and hip joints to start it.
2. The motorized treadmill is very stable, irrespective of the weight of the user. It’s ideal for indoor jogging and running.
3. It has long endurance power which is suitable for longer training & workout sessions.
4. The user can adjust and customize the inclination and speed of the machine while running or walking.

What are the disadvantages of the motorized treadmill?

1. It can be risky if you suddenly stop moving on the belt.
2. The motor of the treadmill keeps rotating the belt and doesn’t stop when you want which can cause you to trip and fall. The chances of getting injured while training on the motorized treadmill are higher.
3. To keep Motorized treadmills functioning properly, it requires regular maintenance and can be difficult to repair it on your own.
4. As the Motorized treadmills occupy more space they aren't the perfect option for you if you've got limited space.

What is a Manual treadmill?

The Manual treadmill allows the user to have control over the belt. The speed of working out is determined by the user’s motion and pace. It doesn’t require an electric outlet to operate. It has a standard deck with a belt running surface. And they typically have short belt lengths because they’re geared towards users who just want to walk.

What are the benefits of a manual treadmill?

1. The manual treadmill is usually muscle-powered. It provides all of the motive power, making it ideal for lower-body workouts.
2. It provides an excellent lower-body workout. Instead of trying to keep up with a moving belt, the user can control the speed of the manual treadmill by exerting more.
3. It can be used anywhere without the need for any electricity as it has no motor in it.
4. A safety cord is not required to stop the Manual treadmill if the user slips and falls.
5. Manual treadmills with curved belts are commonly used in athletic trainers' workouts.

What are the drawbacks of a manual treadmill?

1. A Manual treadmill has limited features as compared to a Motorized treadmill. They provide basic details about the user's progress. They usually don't have workout variations or apps to keep track.
2. Manual Treadmills have a little padding. It adds more strain on the user's joints and muscles, which can lead to knee and hip problems.
3. It has a less sturdy structure, a limited weight capacity, and is less durable. Such equipment is not suitable for intense exercise. It is better to walk instead of running on it.
4. Manual treadmills require the user to stop and get off to change or set the inclination. At times the user is required to hold onto the handles which ruins the workout and reduces calorie burn.

Both Motorized and Manual treadmills provide significant cardiovascular training. It helps you improve your health. To identify your ideal equipment you should consider factors like the features, user's weight, price and benefits, drawbacks, etc. The best treadmills among these alternatives will depend on your requirements and fitness goals.