A home gym setup is an investment in your long-term health. By setting it up, you enable yourself to get closer to your fitness goals. Sowing seeds now and reaping them later is a famous proverb that helps us understand the benefits of a home gym, i.e., to reap the benefits for your health, you need to sow home gym. 

You may have a ton of reasons for not going to the gym – maybe it's too much effort, maybe you don't get enough time for a proper workout, maybe the music is bad, maybe you are apprehensive about touching sweaty equipment, or maybe you have your own inhibitions.

The reason for not going to the gym may be multiple, but setting up a home gym can be an adequate solution.

Creating your home gym set up allows you to focus on your fitness goals — rather than being held back by your fear of social closeness and inhibitions. 

Reasons why home gym setup is better for you:

  • There is no time boundation as you can work out at any time. As you are whole and soul for it to use. 
  • Having your own space makes you a lot more comfortable while working out.
  • No need to touch sweaty equipment used by another. You can maintain proper hygiene with the home gym set up.
  • You need not wait for your turn, as in other gyms with multiple persons.
  • You save gym memberships that charge you too much for just an hour or so.
  • Give in extra time for your workout.

Equipment to be used in home gym setup for beginners:

The basic equipment to start off your home gym can be a bench and dumbbell for strength training, a yoga mat and medicine ball for functional fitness or a jump/skipping rope to improve your cardio fitness. As your workout routine evolves, so will your gym, both are directly related.

Having said that, have a look at a few equipments essential for home gym set up-

1. Yoga Mat

Yoga Mats are anti-slipping as they help the person to have a stronghold on the surface. Cosco provides you with an eco-friendly Yoga Mat made from Anti-SKID EVA material. These are easily washable. They come in different designs and colours. It is perfect for all ages and heights.


2. Dumbbells

Cosco provides dumbbells that are made from the best quality steel and rubber. The purpose of dumbbells is to strengthen the body and tone the muscles, along with increasing their size as your fitness evolves. As a beginner, you require a 2 kg dumbbell pair.


3. Medicine Ball

Medicine ball can be used by people at every fitness level, from beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts. It is a valuable tool for strengthening the core and performing balance exercises, such as pelvic thrusts. It is a must push for your fitness journey.


4. Bench

The bench is required for incline, decline and flat bench exercises. You can buy an adjustable bench that has 3 in 1 function. Cosco provides benches with an easy transition between incline, decline and flat angles. To suit your comfort, we at Cosco cater to a variety of benches.



A beginner treadmill workout can be a great introduction to exercise equipment and form the foundation of a solid go-to routine. Treadmills are the most popular form of aerobic exercise that can boost cardio fitness. It can be great for a quick warm-up



Finally, we conclude that a home gym setup gives back only what you put in. All the time, money and effort that you will invest now will reap your benefits later. So get into it and get rewarded with good health and a fit body! Cosco brings solutions to every excuse.