As much as we all want to exercise regularly and follow a routine to keep ourselves fit and fine, we often fail to achieve it due to our tight schedules at the office and other work. But here's a hack! What if you workout at home? Now you must be wondering how you can workout at home without equipment. Yes, you do need equipment, but even one piece of equipment can help you stay fit and exercise regularly. And that equipment is Dumbbells! 

Using dumbbells for home workout will be the essential equipment that can help you stay lean & fit. It is ideally best for home workouts. They are also comparatively inexpensive, easy to store, and can be utilized for multiple exercises. Working out from home saves you time and energy since you don't necessarily have to travel to the gym. You can simply workout at home with a pair of dumbbells. But, Is it better to workout with dumbbells? Let's find out! 

When you decide to work out at home with dumbbells, there are many factors to consider, one of which is the weight of the dumbbells. Of course, a wide range of weight options are available in the market, but it is better to choose dumbbells based on your fitness goals. From 5kgs to 10 kgs, you can select any weight that suits your training and fitness levels. 

You must consider a weight that is neither too light nor too heavy and find an ideal balance in a home workout. Also, having dumbbells of different weights will play a vital role in ensuring you increase your overall strength and endurance. You will require dumbbells with different weights. Moderate, heavy, and light dumbbells are required for toning, muscle gain, and endurance. A lot of weight selection depends on an individual's capacity. 

Home Workout Routine Dumbbells 

Muscle Building - For muscle building, the most important thing is to increase the weight every two weeks to ensure the muscles' smooth growth. Consider adding 2 or 3 kgs of weight every few weeks to wear out the muscle after ten reps of each exercise. Muscle growth will stay the same if you keep lifting the same weight. For your workout plan, it would be best to have dumbbells of varied weights at home.

Bulking up arms - Bicep curls is one exercise where you'll have to ensure you have enough space at home to move your hands in all directions. You can do lateral raises and overhead extensions to bulk up your arms. Even for this exercise, you will have to increase the weight with time. You may be thinking, how much dumbbell weight is right for beginners? Initially, consider using dumbbells with low weights. You can always increase the weight over time. 

Bench Press - Bench press helps you build chest and back muscles. You must add this exercise to your workout plan at home with dumbbells. It's an effective way to ensure the overall growth of the muscles. Of course, you may not have a bench to do this exercise at home, but you can smartly use your bed for this particular exercise. All you have to do is keep your knee on the edge of the bed just like you would in case of a bench, and there you go! You can do the exercise as it should be done. 

Dumbbell Exercises At Home For Ladies

Usually, women have quite a tight schedule; hence, it becomes challenging for them to take out time and exercise frequently. But, if you create a home setup, you can exercise regularly. All you need to do is get a pair of dumbbells of varied weights! There are plenty of home workouts specially designed for YOU! A range of exercises for women can be done at home with dumbbells. 

With that said, let's have a look at a few of the crucial exercises that no one should miss out on!

Hammer Curl - This is one of the basic but efficient exercises to build up your biceps. Stand up and hold the dumbbells while keeping the palms facing inwards. Lift them to your hip and bring them back down. We advise you to do this exercise slowly and in a controlled manner without any rush. 

Dumbbell Seasaw Press - While you build up your biceps with Hammer Curl, you must also build up your shoulders for the perfect upper body shape. It's a simple exercise wherein all you have to do is lift the dumbbells overhead by switching arms simultaneously. 

Dumbbell Deadlift - You can grow your back and legs with this exercise. This one, again, is quite a simple exercise wherein you have to hold the dumbbells in front of your thighs, keep the hips and feet hip-apart, bend the knees slightly and lower the dumbbells to the floor. 

All these basic yet worthwhile exercises can be done at home by making dumbbells a part of your home workout setup. Home workout is the best way to stay fit, exercise regularly, and save time. A vital thing here is to choose high-quality dumbbells that last long. 

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