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    It's not always possible to hit the gym or even go outdoors for workouts. That’s where an indoor fitness machine such as an exercise bike, also otherwise known as a fitness bike or stationary bike comes in handy. Suitable for both cardiovascular & some strength based workouts, an exercise bike can certainly aid you in reaching your fitness goals that too from indoors.

    Exercise bikes also popularly known as exercise cycles, gym cycles or fitness cycles are basically stationary bicycles that are designed to simulate the experience of cycling but indoors. Designed with a pedal, saddles and a handlebar to replicate the look of a bicycle, exercise bikes are without any wheels.

    When compared to other forms of exercise equipment, exercise bikes offer fantastic aerobic workouts & puts comparatively less stress on joints. The major benefits of exercise bikes are; they help in fat burning, carry out safe cardiovascular workouts & helps muscle strengthening.

    Exercise bikes were formerly pretty simple with little to no features or adjustability but, technology has taken exercise bikes to new levels. Now, exercise bikes offer various styles and designs with features like adjustable resistance levels, pre-programmed workouts and even built-in screens that allow you to track your progress. They have become a staple in the fitness world, providing people a convenient and effective way to stay in shape.

    Exercise bikes suit homeowners, commercial gym owners & fitness enthusiasts alike. Homeowners can use exercise bikes to stay fit and active from the comfort of their homes without worrying about going to a gym or fitness centers. Commercial gym owners can offer exercise bikes as a part of their gym equipment to provide their customers with various fitness options. Fitness enthusiasts can benefit from exercise bikes as they offer low-impact workouts that can be customized to suit their fitness goals and requirements.

    Types of Exercise Bikes

    Exercise bikes come in many variants like upright, spin, elliptical, recumbent & air bikes. But it's important to understand your fitness needs before picking up the right exercise bike that would best suit you.

    With so many options available in the market, choosing the right kind of exercise bike often requires some research to ensure you get exactly what you need. Before making an exercise cycle purchase for your home, gym, professional or commercial use, it’s important to understand the different types & styles of exercise bikes that are available in the market today.

    Below here we have curated a list of some of the prominent types of exercise bikes for your perusal. Do take a look at the list & add them to your wish-list if you intend to buy one.

    Upright Exercise Bikes

    These bikes are great pieces of fitness equipment that offer challenging aerobic exercise. They are the ones you might typically find in the cardio section of your local gym. With a design similar to a traditional bicycle, the rider sits upright & pedals with their feet. The pedals with foot straps provide stability and control during use, which also prevents slipping or sliding off the bike. The console provides essential information on speed, distance, time and calories burned, which helps track progress of the fitness goals.

    Other variations of upright exercise bikes include the upright exercise bikes with adjustable seat back & backrest that help the user to exercise comfortably without worrying about back pain. Besides this, there are special upright exercise bikes for seniors, elderly & overweight people that offer the highest level of comfort as they are specifically designed for those audiences. If you believe an upright exercise bike fits your goals & are looking to buy upright exercise bikes online, you can leaf through our wide-selection of upright exercise bikes for sale here.

    Spin Bikes

    Spinning bikes also known as indoor cycling exercise bikes are similar to upright exercise bikes but with different resistance level systems. They feature heavy flywheel & adjustable resistance levels that helps users build endurance and burn calories. This feature makes these kinds of fitness bikes ideal for high intensity interval training. Their seat and handlebars are adjustable to accommodate users of different sizes and body types. The pedals of spin bikes are equipped with toe cages or clips, keeping users' feet secure and allowing them to push & pull through the full range of motion. 

    Spin bikes are typically used in group fitness classes or individual training sessions. They can be a great option for those looking to challenge themselves with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or endurance workouts. If you believe a spin bike fits your goals & are looking to buy spin bikes online, you can leaf through our wide-selection of spin bikes for sale here.

    Recumbent Exercise Bikes

    If you are hesitant to incorporate running as an exercise in your daily workout activity, then recumbent exercise bikes are for you. These bikes reduce flex in knees & joints and are great for those suffering from arthritis. It is also perfect for post-surgery conditioning and post-childbirth.

    Recumbent exercise bikes are designed with a larger, more comfortable seat and a backrest, allowing the rider to recline while pedaling. This also makes recumbent bikes an optimal choice for people with back problems or joint issues. Their seats are usually adjustable so you can sit in any position you need. Their pedals are in front of the user, which puts less stress on the knees & ankles while exercising. If you believe a recumbent exercise bike fits your goals & are looking to buy recumbent exercise bikes online, you can leaf through our wide-selection of recumbent exercise bikes for sale here.

    Our selection of recumbent exercise bikes includes various options for you to choose from, such as the indoor recumbent exercise bikes that allows you to sit while you use the equipment making them a great option for beginners who are just starting out. Hardcore fitness enthusiasts can check out our magnetic recumbent exercise bikes. Using its resistance dial, you can easily customize your bike’s magnetic resistance and as a result, the intensity of your workout. These are just a few options of recumbent exercise cycles for those looking to buy indoor & magnetic recumbent exercise bikes online.

    Air Bikes

    Air exercise bikes are also known as fan bikes & have a unique design that uses air resistance to create a challenging workout. Placing you in an upright position, you can either sit or stand with the air bike forcing you to use both your arms and legs to burn far more calories than any other type of exercise bike. The rider pedals with their feet while moving the handlebars back and forth to power a fan. The faster the rider pedals, the greater the resistance, making these bikes a great choice for those seeking a high-intensity, full-body workout. 

    Exercise air bikes with adjustable seats suit those looking to build endurance and strength and quickly burn calories. Their seat and handlebars are adjustable to accommodate users of different sizes and body types and the pedals are equipped with foot straps to keep users' feet secure. Their console typically includes essential information on speed, distance, time and calories burned which can help users track their progress and stay motivated. If you believe an exercise air bike fits your goals & are looking to buy air bikes online, you can leaf through our wide-selection of air bikes for sale here.

    Besides these 4 primary types of exercise bikes mentioned above, there are also a few variations of them available in the market such as Exercise bikes with arm exerciser, movable arms / moving handles. Exercise bikes with swivel seat, adjustable seat back, adjustable backrest, comfortable seats. Exercise bikes for elderly (seniors), heavy person (obese), short person, magnetic exercise bikes etc. Because each style of these exercise bikes serves a different purpose, think about the purpose of your workout before choosing one of these fitness exercise cycles.

    How To Choose An Exercise Bike?

    Choosing an exercise bike is no small task but our handy tips here might help you understand which exercise bike for you would be worth paying for. While there are a few key things to consider when choosing the right kind of exercise bike, the primary thing to consider is the right type of exercise bike that would suit your needs. For example if you’re starting out and want a wide range of exercise programmes then, an exercise bike with more features is to be prioritized. On the other hand, if you want one to train specifically for road riding, then choosing a model with gears that closely replicates a road machine would make more sense. 

    Secondary factors to consider are budget, size for storage, noise levels, adjustability with respect to resistance settings and any other unique features that set it apart from the rest.

    Exercise Bikes Online Price in India

    Exercise bikes come in a range of prices, from budget-friendly to high-end models with advanced features. The average exercise bike price in India usually varies according to the exercise bike type, its functionality, auxiliary features & the amount of weight it can withstand. Thus, you can generally observe that the exercise bike cost in India varies anywhere between Rs.20,000 to Rs.1 lakh. Typically you might need to pay more for features such as electronic adjustment resistance levels or extra programmable exercise modes.

    Although at our online shop here, you will find high-quality exercise bikes in every price range, most of our exercise bikes are offered at considerably reasonable & affordable rates. All our exercise bikes for sale are packed with distinct features depending on the model you choose & have the desired advanced components that make our exercise bikes the best in India.

    Our assortment consists of high quality exercise bikes for home use, gym, professional & commercial use. Purchasing an exercise cycle online at Cosco is also pretty easy. Just place your order in your shopping cart, fill out your contact details & your order will reach you as soon as possible.

    Shop Exercise Bikes Online - Exercise Bikes Online Store in India

    While there are multiple websites on the internet to buy exercise bikes online, Cosco stands apart. You can simply do exercise bikes online shopping on our website by searching for your desired model, as per the requirement filters or the offers that are best suited to your pocket. Our exercise bikes online store in India focuses on giving our customers a hassle-free purchasing experience & top-class products.

    Click any exercise bike listing on our website here to see their detailed gear specs, pictures, ratings & more. If you’re looking for a specific type of exercise bike, like the best exercise bikes model or the most budget friendly exercise bikes, you’ll appreciate our top picks in each exercise bikes type category that’ll help further streamline your search.

    Most of our exercise bikes have got 4.7/5 ratings & good reviews for their quality & our service. If you want to invest in one of our exercise cycles you can browse & choose from our varied options of recumbent exercise bike, upright exercise bikes, exercise air bike, elliptical bikes & spin bike for home or gym use here.

    If you aren't sure about choosing the right exercise bikes online for your fitness goals, you can always reach out to our experts at +91 9654136136 for a free consultation. Our experts will give you suggestions based on your required specifications, frequency of use and budget.

    Common FAQ's about the Exercise

    What exercise bike should I buy?

    Cardiovascular training can be a fun and exciting way to get your body moving while exercising. But, every now and then, nothing beats the great indoors. An exercise bike can meet both of these requirements, allowing you to get a good workout in the comfort of your own home. Exercise bikes are classified into three types: upright, recumbent, and indoor cycling. Each provides a variety of benefits and training perks to help you achieve your goals. Choosing the right style for you should be your first step in getting the most out of your next workout. Other factors come into the buying decision such as features, user weight, price, and space that will vary from model to model but these 3(flywheel, belt, and type required) should help you narrow down on what you need the most.

    What exercise bike is best for weight loss?

    Exercise bikes are good for weight loss because they are an efficient and effective way to burn calories, and cycling is a cardiovascular aerobic activity that has added benefits such as strengthening your heart, lungs, and muscle. Diet and sleep will be the other essential factors. We recommend a weight loss equipped with a high-intensity workout for burning maximum calories.

    Which exercise bike is best for lower back pain?

    Recumbent exercise bikes are the best bike for people with lower back pain or degenerative disc disease because they have a backrest that provides more support than an upright bike. In addition, stationary bikes provide a great aerobic workout and strengthen the lower body with little to no impact. Disclaimer- please consult your doctor before taking this call.

    Will exercise bike help lose belly fat?

    Yes, cycling bikes can help you lose belly fat, but it will take time. According to a recent study, regular cycling may improve overall fat loss and promote a healthy weight. In addition, moderate-intensity aerobic exercises on cycling bikes are practical for reducing overall belly girth. Fat will be lost according to body composition, and with a good diet, exercise and sleep, all results shall be achieved

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